Best Attractions in Argentina

Argentina is considered one of the best countries in the world that produces the best soccer players. In fact, there are a lot of soccer legends that were born in Argentina.

Even though, it turns out that this country is not only famous for its soccer tradition.

That is because there are a lot of nice places and sites that you can travel to Argentina. As an addition to that, all of those places are surely worth to visit when you are in Argentina.

Iguazu Falls

When you are visiting Argentina by using the services of Tiket Pesawat Murah, then you will need to visit Iguazu Park, especially the Iguazu Falls. That is because this fall is considered as one of the most beautiful falls, not only in Argentina but also in the world.

This fall is also considered as the main attraction that you can find in Iguazu Park so that you can say that you have not visited Iguazu Park if you have not visited Iguazu Falls.

Mount Fitz Roy

If you want to go to see another wonderful nature, then you will need to go to the border of Chile and Argentina. That is because that is where Mount Fitz Roy is located.

As one of the highest mountains that you can find in Argentina, this mount has a very great view of the granite mount. As an addition to that, all of those snows on the mountain will surely be another great view in contrast with the fresh and green area on the feet of the mountains.

Perito Moreno Glacier

The next one is Perito Moreno Glacier. As one of the best-looking glacier in Argentina, this place has a lot of visitors every year, both from the locals and internationals. There are two main reasons why this place is getting a lot of tourists every year.

The first is because of the access that can be considerably simple and near from the city and the second if because of the viewing platforms where you can stand and watch the glacier is very nice and safe.

Buenos Aires

If you have ever heard about Buenos Aires, then you will surely think about its airport. However, Buenos Aires is not only about the international airport, since there are a lot of nice spots that you can visit in this city. One of them is a great botanical garden where you can find a lot of species of plants.

The Teatro Colon is the center of many different musical performances in this city. Plaza Dorrego is the best place to spend your afternoon tea with the outside sceneries.


For those who have the soul of an adventurer, then Ushuaia is the best place to visit. That is because this place is known as the edge of the world, which is totally great for an adventure.

You should not ask about anything related to nature since everything that you can find in this place is related to the greatness of nature. Therefore, it will be a waste if you love adventure but you missed Ushuaia on the edge of Argentina.